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Rising Sun Leather Company

Custom Leather Works


(Hand Guard)

All hand carved and hand painted by an Aikidoka, these hand guards are close to 1/4 inch thick and are 3 inches in diameter and maintain traditional artwork. If you have a design or Dojo logo please email a clear printable copy. All Dojo logos will need to be approved by the Dojo Sensei. NOT ALL Bokken are the same size. Please call me for instructions on how to get the proper sizing. All single layer tsuba pictured are $30.00 and include regular USPS mail. Custom designs may be slightly more depending on their complexity. Double thick tsuba are glued together, and then hand sewn totaling 1/2 an inch thick and very strong. Double thick tsuba with only one side carved start at $45.00, and both sides carved start at $70.00. Matching sets are also available. I will also be adding new designs regularly, so please check back often.